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Venerdì 24 Ottobre 2014

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The I.P.S.S.A.R. «A. Berti» is set in a beautiful park called Villa Pullè in Chievo not far from the city centre. The historical building, dated back to 1930s, has recently been renovated. The school has a branch in Soave (a small town near Verona) where the courses are held in a “Scuola Media”. The school aims at qualifying citizens, and skilled personnel in hotel and catering sector.
The school organizes period of job training (in first or second term) in hotel or restaurants, cultural exchanges with foreign countries and students have the opportunity to partecipate to national and international events.
At the end of 3rd year students obtain a certificate which gives the possibility to start workin while at the end of the 5th year students get a “diploma” which allows them to go to any university.
The school is provided with laboratories – four for each sector – bar, reception, kitchen. There is also a chemistry laboratory, multimedia and computer science laboratory and a library.

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